April 18, 2010

WILD.Released! ... LAST DAY!!!!

Hi Everyone!

is coming to it's end. This is the absolute last chance you will ever have to get the 12 amazing prizes on offer.

To finish the hunt we decided to have a party! Moonsong Sim does everything in a rather epic way, and parties are no exception :D We have the awesome Maht Wuyts to DJ for us and there will be random gifts from some of the participating stores given out at the party :D

Now, for the thank yous... there are a LOT. Something like WILD.Released simply does not happen without a great many people involved:

Firstly; I would like to thank my sim-mates at Moonsong; Flippa Stella of Flipside & TearSong Vaughan. Both these ladies have been indispensable.

TearSong Vaughan; organised and got the WILD.Released blog up and running, wrote a good many of the blog posts and did the amazing pics to go with... Thank you TearSong!

Flippa Stella: Flippa is amazing! for those of you that don't know, she and I met on help island way back when... we rezzed on the same day and we've been mates ever since! :D Flippa is just one of those amazing people that just doesn't get fazed by anything. I can be running around in a circle going OMFG!!!! AHHH! What am I going to do???? and she'll be there going "okay, so what do you need to get done?"... ever calm & ever ready to chip in and help out is Flippa!

Flip also built our awesome kiosks for the hunt and more recently, rescued the party when I realised I had stuffed up the timezones (yet again) & planned a party for when I would not be able to attend >.< Thank you Flippa... I cannot express just how much I appreciate you *hugs*:D

Miro Collas: You may know him from Animation Rising, but he is also the mad genius behind the system called Take Your Pick Hunt System we used for the stamp card hunt. This system came out at the beginning of the year. It was this discovery that inspired the whole concept of WILD.Released as I knew it would be the perfect way to showcase stores that are "off the beaten track"... and from all the positive feedback we've gotten, I'd say it was a fair assumption! :D

I'm sure a lot of people out there are reading this and thinking "hmm, interesting... time to organise something similar!"... I say "Go for it!". This is a system that you can make your event be what you want it to be... a word of caution though... we spent months organising this, because we wanted to do it properly, not just have some half arse, thrown together at the last minute type thing. This is a tool for your event, not the event... awesome stores and organisers (I am so putting that in, because we *are* awesome LOL!) do not come included in the box! But that is of course like any event.

I would also like to say thank you to Miro for his amazing customer support. I am the most annoying customer ever, and I can manage to break anything LOL (I didn't actually break the system though) but Miro very patently spent a considerable amount of time answering my questions and helping me problem solve as things came up. He was awesome throughout the whole process... Thank you!

The store owners: The thing that really struck me about the store owners that we invited to this event was their professionalism. In the main this was a very easy group of people to work with. It's been an enjoyable experience working with you and getting to know many of you :D Thank you!

The Bloggers: A big thank you to the bloggers who supported this event; we only had a few but apparently it was enough! :D The bloggers that did show an interest in this event where a very diverse and talented mix, it was a pleasure to see how each interpreted the prizes... Thank you!

The participants: Yup! You guys! the ones who actually made it happen, THANK YOU! seriously, we would have looked like a pack of gits sitting around our stores with lovely "WILD.Released" signs everywhere but with not a lot of point, if you guys hadn't have so enthusiastically supported us and this event :D I got to speak to a lot of people during this last month, and the feedback from the participants was great. What I loved though was how many people told me that they had discovered stores they never knew about before, or had actually been to stores that they had heard of but never actually been to. It seems a lot of people had fun doing this hunt... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We couldn't ask for anything more :D Thank you!

I know I have thanked a whole bunch of people in groups, and would love to thank more individually... but I'm a bit sleepy. Please know though, that I appreciate everyone who has contributed to the success that WILD.Released has been.

Thank you!



PS thanks to everyone on Plurk who I perpetually spammed with "ZOMG! WILD.Released!!!!" announcements & didn't boot me from their friends lists ...love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! *waves* XD

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