April 07, 2010

WILD.Released: Illusions

Hi Everyone!

Today I'd like to show you the beautiful work of Siyu Suen of Illusions. This garland of roses is another of the exclusive prizes for the WILD.Released hunt which is currently going on. You have until the 18th of April to nab this and the other great prizes in the hunt!

I am also wearing a faery dress from a newly discovered store... Caverna Obscura. I was introduced to this store in a round about way by a lovely lady, Softpaw Sommer, when I ran into her at the Fae & Elven Pride Fair (please see previous blog post for more details & pics on that! :D). Softpaw was wearing the most awesome faery dress ever! (which I blatantly inspected & got the creator name from heehee) and off I went in search of this wondrous dress!

Now as many of you *might* have guessed, I actually know a little something about fae & fae lore... and the thing that first impressed me about this store was that the faery outfits feature things of nature... which obviously fae use as a source for their clothes (if they choose to wear any clothes at all of course), or they use scraps of things that they find around the place :D. So when I landed at Caverna Obscura & found outfits made out of toad stools, bark & flower petals as well as scraps of material I was all YES!!!! WOOOT! REAL fae clothes! and I was dancing around & yelling at my mate Flippa in IM's with "ZOMG! You have GOT TO SEE THIS!!!", and of course she TP'd over, and was impressed too heehee. I bought a couple of outfits and have got to say, I was impressed with the vendor pics... but actually wearing the outfits... WOW! :D

So yes, I am a VERY happy faery today *dances*.

Until next time,




Garland: *~*"Varda" Rose Crown (WILD.Released prize from Illusions)
Hair: * 0 Style * Yuuya *(Glazed Fire)_M
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat (i) - SbZ
Skin: La Sylphide Skins - Katie - Mocha
Dress: '~ * CAVERNA OBSCURA * ~' - Mint-n-Lime Pixie Outfit
Wings: Fancy Fairy - Tendril Wings Gold Iridescent Fleur flexi
Pose - Studio Sidhe from the "Fly Me to the Moon" pose prop collaboration with Balderdash.


Anonymous said...

*giggles* You could have ASKED who made it you know! I love Caverna Obscura so much and its such a little known store. So glad you did go and found all her lovely outfits.

And that shot is just stunning. It looks more like a painting then a Secondlife Photo.

Faery Sola said...

LOL true that, but then that would be the logical thing to do... do I do logic? haha ah, no.


But I am thrilled to know about this store now :D

Thanks for the lovely comment about the pic *grins*

Studio Sidhe

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